The story below shows how weak an atheist feel’s after trying to battle Imam Abu Hanifa intellectually….

Imam Abu Hafina was asked by the khalifa to meet with them and an atheist so Imam Abu Hanifa could debate with him. They set a time for them to meet up. So the day and time came and left and they kept waiting for Imam Abu Hanifa until finally he came. Everyone questioned him about his being late and what happened. So he started explaining how there was river that he had to cross…. and he was waiting for a boat to come and bring him on the other side of the river.

While he was waiting, the branches and leaves of the tree fell and slowly formed themselves into a boat. And he jumped in that boat crossed the river.

Obviously ppl laughed at this story and the atheist asked him “Are you mad enough to believe that a boat was made all by itself?”

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